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Pneumatic Actuator I-Tork
Pneumatic Actuator I-Tork
Pneumatic Actuator I-Tork
Pneumatic Actuator I-Tork
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Sell Pneumatic Actuator I-Tork

Specification of Pneumatic Actuator I-Tork

Pneumatic Actuator I-Tork

We sell pneumatic actuator I-Tork designed using the Scotch Yoke technology from 50 to PDS 200 PDS greatest. Scotch-Yoke technology is well known to all users as the most appropriate actuator mechanism for valve and silencer operations as it produces higher torque at both ends.

Specification of I-Tork Pneumatic Actuator

The I-Tork actuator specifications follow international standards for the installation of faster and easier electrical accessories such as solenoid valves, limit switches, positions, etc. The mounting dimensions follow the ISO5211, DIN3337, NAMUR, VDI / VDE3845 standards. The shaft comes in various sizes with a double square-shaped female fur to accommodate the valve shaft. Spring packages have been compressed for higher security. A very long service life and reliable performance.

Technical specifications

- Maximum Working Pressure 80 psi
- Operating Temperature Range -20 ° C - 80 ° C
- Actuation Double Acting

Products sell pneumatic actuator from us are goods that can be guaranteed quality so it has a strong work force.

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